10 reason to choose animated videos for your business

10 reason to choose animated videos for your business

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Animated videos are a popular way to present products and services. But why is that? In this blog we look at the reasons why organisation would be smart to consider an animated video for their products and services.

1) Fast explanation
There’s a saying that an image says more than a thousand words. Animated visuals take that a step further. The moving images in an animated video explain things that are often hard to explain words of simply don’t speak to the imagination unless it’s being visualized. With an animated video ideas can be conveyed in a fast manner.

2) Focus on the essence
An animation doesn’t use any more elements than needed for the explanation of an idea that your business wants to convey to viewers. No distraction, no overstimulation, just the things that really matter. That’s the way viewers, a.k.a. your potential customers, can easily focus on the message and it’s conveyed directly.

3) Creative freedom
Animated video gives full freedom to create elements and visualize the message exactly as you think is best. The viewer quickly switches from an office to an exotic beach, or gets a visually appealing view of the thinking that goes on in a person’s mind (here’s an example of that happening). The creative process is completely free and open, so we can create the perfect image for every concept you want to visualize.

4) Low costs
Live shot video material of high quality can be challenging to film. Imagine you want to explain that your product functions well in both summer and winter, you’ll have to wait at least half a year or cross the equator. Or you rent an expensive film crew for a certain day, but the weather is bad and you can’t film. It regularly happens that scenes need to be done anew because of flaws in the material that become apparent during the edit. Such problems do not happen with the creation of an animated video and the amount of people that’s needed for the production is also way lower. That’s why an animated video can be developed for a much better price than live video.

5) Extended usability
An animated video is largely independent of the time in which is’s shot. A smartphone for example, can be presented in an abstract manner so it doesn’t matter when the video was made when the iPhone 3 came out while we’re in the time of iPhone 7 now. The same goes for car models, the furniture style in buildings, fashion, having different personell, etc. So this means you can use an animated video for a longer period of time to convey your message, without having to worry about its relevance.

6) Completely adaptable
Imagine that you would’ve chosen to do a live videofilm about your product and you find out you would’ve wanted to change something after all. You would’ve preferred to be in a different corner of your office during an explanation, or you made a small change about how your product works and want to implement that in the video. With a live videofilm you’ll have to make a lot of extra costs to organize yet another shoot. Luckily, an animated video you make an easy, fast and low to no cost adaptation to the video.

7) Attractive style
A good animation video is colorful, uses beautifully developed elements and has powerful transitions from one scene to another. An animated video isn’t dependent on camera quality, the environment, the weather and other stuff that would affect the appearance of a live videofilm. In an animated video the animator has full control about color schemes, shapes and elements in the video. That’s why an animated video is a neat and beautiful addition to your company’s outward branding, like your website.

8) Professional impression
An animated video shows viewers that you think about your marketing and dare to investin a good and attractive way of telling your story to (potential) customers. One of the biggest annoyances of customers is that they don’t understand what kind of product they’re actually looking at, or that they have to wade through oceans of text to get to the answer. With an animated video you show understanding of your customer and you’re being clear in what you have to offer.

9) Saves time
With a quick and easy to understand video you’re not only clear to your future customer, but you also save yourself time. The sales pitch is being done for you according a to proven method, at the time it is convenient for your customer, while you save time on telling your story. That means you can do better things in the meantime, or simply enjoy your free time.

10) No acting necessary
With regular videos it’s important to have a person in the video to give it a human feel. IF a video only shows the product, viewers lose interest quickly. With an animated video the story doesn’t depend on a person, but the animated character in the video can still give the video a human perspective. Think of showing how someone showing how the product is used by a person, what the advantages are to the user, how someone feels better because of using it, etc. In an animated video you can show all of this very easily, without someone from the business having to stand in front of the camera or having to hire an actor.


If you’re noticing that your video marketing isn’t achieving the results you were hoping for, or if you’re looking for advice, contact me at alex@clickanimated.com. Of course animated videos are my main business, but I work with, and study on general marketing as well and I love talking about it. So I’m always open for a conversation, just hit me up.