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Fun fact: This is the first animated video we produced when founding the business!

Does the result not fit your expectations? Then we’ll return your investment to you.

This applies to the packages Basic and Professional. 80% is returned for package 100% Custom.

What our Clients say:

Bart Panman

Brand Activation & Marketing Communications Head
Sony Netherlands
“Click Animated is truly the primary place for a customized digital animation. After one conversation, everything was arranged in no time. Very fast and exactly as agreed with all the details in place. In addition to carrying out the briefing, CA has a lot of creativity to come up with ideas and adjustments where necessary. For Sony it was a great experience. Immediately talking to the right people and great one on one advice. Fast, very good quality and a very reasonable price. A good animation doesn’t have to be expensive.”

Gideon Goudsmit

Founder & CEO
Energie Positief
“Click Animated’s video clearly shows why fast chargers are so much faster and more efficient. With animation, the difference between alternating current and power current was clearly depicted. Alexander has experience with technological innovation, and he also sensed what was important to me, which made the process a lot easier. It allowed me to decide for myself how much I wanted to be involved, and I didn’t even have to give a lot of input for a good video.”

Why Animation Video?


With visuals and voice the message comes across clearly. This prevents potential misunderstandings and saves you time later when talking to your customer.


Want to change anything later? Changing environments, people or light won’t prevent that with animation. With animated video, adjustments are made quickly and easily.



With animation, you are free from the constraints of reality. You can tell your story as you like to and make abstract concepts visually understandable.


Although animation video is growing in popularity, about 19 out of 20 companies do not yet have one on their website. With an animation your company will stand out.


Animation video is not only original, it also fits in with how humans learns by nature: Through visuals and sound. That makes your offer even more memorable.


You don’t waste time on a film day on location, and employees don’t have to uncomfortably present anything. You only have to approve some visuals and ideas.

Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of animation videos? Click here to have your company’s own video made.


Below is a selection of videos we have made for our satisfied customers. Would you also like to have your own animation video to get more customers through your website, or to improve the internal communication of your organization? Then click here!

Options & Pricing

If you have certain specific wishes, this may affect the price. Should that be the case, we will be clear about this in advance and give you the final price in time. No strange surprises! Questions or interested in your own video? Feel free to contact us. (Prices are excl. VAT.)

About click animated

Let me introduce myself: I’m Alexander Eijzinga, owner of Click Animated. For each video I’m in direct contact with you or the responsible employee to develop an animation video that fits perfectly with what you want to achieve.

When I continued with marketing after graduating in business administration, I saw animation video being used for business more and more often.  These are aptly called “explainers”, they usually explain the company’s service or product. However, I noticed this was often what they were limited to: the explanations rarely focused on the benefits for the customer and the objections they might have. Since the freedom and flexibility of animation appealed to me a lot, I decided to use my knowledge of marketing to produce a better type of animation video. What really helped was that I had been practicing audio production for years when I was studying, so I can make sure that videos have the dynamism to hold the attention of your viewers.

For each video I choose a specific team of skilled freelancers with the unique skills to make just the right video for you. I don’t do “one size fits all” production, the video is made specifically for you and your company.


By smart outsourcing and working efficiently, we keep our prices reasonable while our quality standards remain high. Hence have a video type for every budget.


Every video contains years of marketing experience. We consider your customers’ wishes and concerns and make them enthusiastic about your offering.


You’re always in direct contact with me. So no middlemen, you always get answers directly from the one in charge of the production of your animated video.

Alexander Eijzinga, Click Animated

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